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We are presently in the final stages of completing The Kafunjo Clinic, the aim being to provide free healthcare to the children of The Kafunjo Community Project and surrounding areas. The building incorporates a small ward / sick bay, an office for the resident full time nurse and a store room for medication. In addition there are 2 further rooms that will be used as an office for Bruno and the other project staff so they can work effectively on the necessary administration required to run the project.

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Kafunjo clinic promotional video.

the kafunjo green school


The work on The Kafunjo Green School has been temporarily suspended due to a reprioritisation of funding to provide food security for the project but soon way aim to restart the work and carry the project through to completion.

With the mud-brick walls of the first 3 classroom block completed the next priority is to complete the roof of the classrooms to ensure that the existing brickwork is not destroyed by the heavy rains that come with the wet season.

In addition to protecting the existing structure of the Green School, the roof will also allow us to set up a rainwater harvesting system whereby we can use the roof to collect rainwater which will be funnelled to a water tank so water for the surrounding agricultural land can be stored for use during the dry season.

In 2021 we sent 23 of our graduates to a nearby secondary school and have therefore incurred significant costs so we believe it is vital as the project matures that we are able to provide our own secondary level schooling for the older kids. With this in mind our aim is to continue with our original plan and get The Kafunjo Green School completed as soon as The Kafunjo Clinic project is finished.

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