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In 2020, with the project nearing 5 years in age, some of the children who had successfully completed their primary level education at St Anne Mary's Primary School, were ready to attend secondary school. Thanks to our child sponsors we were able to send the first class to a nearby secondary school while we began the plan to build a secondary school of our own.

With our expansion into subsistence agriculture, and our awareness of the environmental impact of the project, we decided that the secondary school should be run on sound environmental principles, with the aim of teaching the children how to live in balance with their environment, whilst respecting nature.

In 2019 we had the opportunity to purchase a large area of fertile land that would be perfect as the site for  The Kafunjo Green School whilst also offering ample land to progress with our goal of becoming self sufficient in food production.

In March 2020 we began work constructing the first 3 classroom block using the donations we had raised from our supporters around the world.

Unfortunately, due to the restrictions that are now in place in Uganda, the work on The Green School has stopped for now as we prioritise our pursuit of self sufficiency in food production to ensure that we are able to provide the essentials for our children.

We hope that soon we can continue our dream to provide secondary level education to the children of Kafunjo.

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