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a permanent home for the orphans of kafunjo.

In 2019, with the primary school nearing completion it became apparent that additional facilities would be necessary to provide a home for the orphaned children who attended the school.


At this stage Bruno had been using the existing classrooms as makeshift bedrooms therefore we began to plan for a more permanent solution.

Following an ambitious fund raising campaign from Bruno's supporters around the world, we were able to purchase a 2 hectare plot of land on which we planned to build 2 orphanage blocks (one for girls and one for boys) and a small bedroom for Bruno so that he would be able to stay with the children and accommodate their daily needs.

With the orphanage blocks compete,  each furnished with 20 triple bunk beds, the children could move into their new accommodation and some structure and security could be returned to their lives.

As Bruno was now providing 24 hour care to these children, he realised that a simple diet of "posho and beans" would not be sufficient in providing all of their dietary requirements therefore additional funds allowed us to purchase more land on which we could grow an assortment of fruits and vegetables to enrich the daily diet of the children. 

The purchase of livestock such as chickens, pigs, goats and cows allowed Bruno to supplement their diet further with milk and eggs while the livestock provided vital organic fertiliser for the steadily expanding agricultural project we were able to develop. 

Looking after the health of 140 children also proved to be a challenging task, particularly with the daily threat of malaria which threatens the lives of so many across Africa.


To address this, Bruno purchased mosquito nets and anti-malarial soap for each child in addition to planting expansive beds of lemon grass around the orphanage which is known to discourage the presence of mosquitos.


Maintaining a good standard of personal hygiene is also a top priority and therefore additional toilet and shower blocks have been built and rigorous daily hygiene standards enforced by the child care staff.

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