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visit kafunjo AND BEYOND


One of things that makes The Kafunjo Community Project unique is our ability to facilitate visits to the project for our beloved supporters. We see this as a crucial ingredient of our concept as we want our supporters to truly feel part of the community – and what better way of doing this than coming to stay with us and help us achieve our mission!

A visit to Kafunjo is a truly transformational experience that will touch your heart and remind you what true community spirit is. Every person from around the world who has come to experience the legendary ‘Kafunjo Welcome” has returned home with a renewed sense of purpose, a richer humility and a strengthened desire to push the mission of Kafunjo further. 

a unique experience

All “Kafunjo Overland Safaris” involve a visit to the project followed by an overland tour of some of the great natural spectacles South West Uganda has to offer.

Whilst at the project we tend to all muck in together and assist Bruno and the team in carrying out any tasks required which can range from construction, painting and agriculture to entertaining the children.

Where ever possible we include the children of the project on our trips beyond the village which can include chimp tracking i n Kibale Forest, Primate walks at Bugodi Wetland or even gorilla encounters in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

This approach allows us to offer our clients a truly unique experience whilst providing unforgettable experiences for our children.

Kafunjo Overland Safaris LTD is a tour company registered in Uganda, working in partnership with the Kafunjo Community project. Bruno and Jonathan are the co-directors of the company and set it up to facilitate visits to the project and beyond.

We have our own 4X4 Nissan Hi-ace Safari Van which is suitable for 6 guests though for bigger groups we often hire an additional vehicle.

Our itineraries can be tailored depending on the requests of the group but they always include at least a week working at the project, interspersed with several day trips with the children, followed by a visit to the beguiling mountain gorillas of either Mgahinga or Bwindi National parks.

Whilst the cost of each trip includes a donation for the project we often encourage our clients to get involved with fund raising in the run up to their visit so they can witness firsthand how their support has made a difference.

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