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Following your arrival at Entebbe International airport where you are met by Bruno and Jonathan we head straight off to the project which is a 6 our drive in our own fully air conditioned safari vehicle. We stop at the equator for lunch and opportunities to take photographs and purchase souvenirs before continuing the journey to Kafunjo. Depending on our arrival time we either check in to a comfortable hotel in Ibanda or go direct to the project. 

At the project you will receive the traditional Kafunjo welcome followed by a series of tasks where we work together to bring the project further to completion. Such tasks can include construction and painting to teaching the children, helping with the preparation of school meals to agricultural work and whatever needs doing at the time.

We are always keen to create media content while at the project so anyone who has a particular interest in photography, story telling or film making has the freedom to pursue creative projects. Similarly, if you would rather relax and just get to know the children then thats fine too! While at the project the experience is yours to create so don't worry there is no pressure - just relax, enjoy and connect.



We are fortunate in that the location of Kafunjo is not far from some incredible natural areas of Uganda therefore we intersperse our stay at the village with visits to nearby areas of spectacular natural beauty. Just an hours drive from Lake George and the great lakes of Uganda we can organise an additional vehicle and arrange excursions out to the lakes where we can hire dugout canoes and paddle out across the lakes to the border of Congo, surrounded by the resident hippos and bird life!. Similarly we can trek through the forests of Kibale and come face to face with wild chimpanzees plus a plethora of other incredible primate and bird species. The Bigodi Swamp Walk is always a popular day trip where you can see up to 12 species of primate guided by some of Uganda's most knowledgable guides.


Once we say some sad farewells to the children and staff of the project, we pack up our trusty 4 X 4 safari vehicle and set off further a field towards some of the most awe inspiring natural areas that can be found on the African continent. The sheer diversity of landscapes and wildlife you can encounter cannot be summarised easily therefore please check the photos below to get an idea what is on offer.

Due to the uncertainty of international travel we guarantee a 100% refund for the cost of your trip if it has to be cancelled due to presently unforeseen circumstances resulting from flight cancellations due to coronavirus. Numerous airlines are offering a similar service, with free flight cancellations in return for a "flight voucher" that can be used once the situation results to normal. We hope that these assurances give you confidence that you can begin to plan your visit to the project.

In order to enter the country it is essential you receive a negative PCR test with 120 hours of entering Uganda. For your return flight, we can arrange PCR testing for you in a registered medical clinic in Kampala, ensuring you have the relevant certification to return back to your country of origin. On arrival it is also necessary to have a Yellow Fever vaccination (and certificate) to be granted a visa on arrival at Entebbe International airport. Travel insurance is also mandatory.

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